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If you are concerned or unhappy with the colour of your teeth or the size, shape or alignment of your teeth, getting cosmetic dentistry at King Street Dental may provide a solution for your concerns.

Cosmetic Dentistry at our practice aims to create better-looking teeth and a dazzling happy smile for you.

It may be a combination of the following treatments:



Wisdom teeth generally erupt into the mouth around the ages of 16 to 20.

In most cases, there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to come easily through the gums, and they will be prevented from coming through by the teeth in front. As such, the wisdom teeth will remain partially or completely below the line of the gum (also called impaction).

This can lead to an infection around the wisdom tooth or lead to problems with adjacent teeth. It can cause crowding in perfectly straight teeth.

We have a Digital OPG machine and cat scan for digital X-rays which enables us to carry out comprehensive diagnostics prior to any teeth extractions.

Sedation, happy gas or general anesthesia are offered for teeth extractions if required. There are specific guidelines for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth that Dr Singh will advise you on.

If your wisdom teeth are a concern to you, make an appointment at King Street Dental on (02) 4929 4143.


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Lisa Davies
Lisa Davies
Went to King Street Dental quite stressed on a holiday with a broken tooth. Both Kirin and Dr. April were extremely kind and professional- and the result was fantastic. Highly recommended!
jessie Lee
jessie Lee
I saw doctor April today on a public holiday due to tooth pain and she was amazing. She definitely put my dentist anxiety at ease and was so thorough and kept me in the loop with everything she was doing. Highly recommend!
imran ali
imran ali
Awesome ambience, caring staff and above all Great dentist
Chey Cormac
Chey Cormac
Went for some fillings this afternoon and was pretty doubtful the teeth would be able to be fixed very much but happy to say I am more than pleased with the results big thank you dr Singh and the lovely young lady assistant .
Anny Torafdar
Anny Torafdar
Such a Amazing job done to me.I'm really thankful to dr singh &her staff.bless u all.
Jason Cumbers
Jason Cumbers
Amazing service and care,they were extremely patient with me and the price was more than generous for the work put in.I would recommend them to everyone.