Are you looking for a good dentist and want to know how to find a good dentist? In this article we have highlighted 5 tips to help you choose the best one. 

Whether you are looking for a dentist because you are in a new city, your dentist is retiring, your employer changed dental insurance plans, or you are just waiting for a really long time to get a dental visit, no need to worry at all.

Many patients face difficulty finding the best dentist for their treatments. While dentistry is more popular than ever before, it can be difficult for you to choose the one having the right personality and level of expertise that fit your standards.

At King Street Dental, we ensure to meet professional criteria to provide our patients safety, freedom, and clarity when seeking dental treatment.

Let’s see tips to keep in mind when finding a good dentist.

  1. Consider your dentist’s reviews and reputation

One of the first things you can do is to check the reputation of a specific dentist or practice by reading their testimonials and reviews by actual patients and having a look at their social media page. 

While a social media page cannot tell you about performance level, it will give you an idea of the dentists’ modern professionalism. It is because social media pages provide a new window of transparency, allowing patients to directly speak in brief with a dentist, take part in a forum, comment on video posts, or make unscheduled consultations. Social media becomes a primary source of information and requires effort.

  1. Go through their patients’ videos and photos (before and afters)

Another way of knowing a professional dental service’s expertise is by going through pictures of previous patients’ treatments on their website. Photos or videos are often found on social media as well, as it is the best platform for sharing pictures of successful results. Before and after are sometimes put up on social media as testimonials video blogs (or vlogs) that provide immediate feedback.

Before and after photos show the quality of the dental work and the successful treatments received by the past patients.

  1. Find out the technology used by the dentist

Dental practices should invest and practise with the latest technology that helps them to provide best-quality services, also offering the most efficient experience to their patients. With modern technology, patients can now get 3D-imaging of their dental implants prior to receiving them and get teeth restorations made on the spot. 

Looking for a dentist that offers the newest technology ensures that out-dated technologies are not affecting the quality of your treatment.

  1. Consider the type of dental work you want

This is important to your final decision of which dentist to choose. The answer to how to find a good dentist is linked to what your greatest dental requirements are.

Do you want to visit a dentist mainly for regular checkups and cleanings? Find an office where you are comfortable with the dentist and staff, who are friendly but professional.

If you have questions about apnea, teeth grinding (bruxism), or sleep habits, etc.? The sleep medicine dentist is probably the right one for you, so you must search particularly within the sleep dentistry organisations.

Are you looking for cosmetic work or other ornamental dental treatments? In such cases, search for an expert in cosmetic dentistry with many reviews and before/after successful results for their cosmetic work.

Is your concern for your children’s dental care? Paediatric dentists take the same education as other dentists, but their offices are suited to the young ones. Other dental clinics that focus on family dentistry may also be suitable, depending on the dentist.

Do you need dental surgeries or dental implants? Many dentists share practice with a specialist who performs root canals, dental surgeries and other more considerable oral procedures. They may also provide a referral program with a local endodontist. 

  1. Do your research and follow your intuition 

Whether researching for specialised needs or general dentistry care, following your intuition on how the dentist or practice makes you feel is always the best way to find the most suitable dentist for you. Give your comfort priority more than anything else.


Start with deciding what you need from a dentist. Knowing what you’re looking for in a dentist is crucial for finding the ideal one for you and your family.

Make a short list of practices you think might be right for you and do some research, irrespective of whether you use word of mouth referrals or online resources to find a dentist.

At King Street Dental, we provide professional dental care for the whole family. We create tailored treatment plans from toddlers to the elderly to meet your specific needs. We ensure a pain-free, safe and relaxed dental experience that is affordable and effective. If you are searching for “dentist near me” and want to be treated in a comforting environment, give us a call today.