Modern dentists have accepted that wisdom teeth can cause problems, and removing them is beneficial to us. It is an evident truth that people benefit from wisdom tooth removal. So, what is a wisdom tooth and how will its removal benefit you? Let us guide you with the answers through  the following blog.

Wisdom teeth: what are they?

Wisdom teeth naturally start growing between the age group of 17 to 25. It is basically a third set of molars which, with time, can get misaligned or might be impacted and require removal. It is recommended to get it removed to maintain strong teeth and prevent any oral health issues.

Is it necessary to remove your wisdom teeth?

It has been found in surveys that almost 85% of people need their wisdom tooth removed at some point in time. One of the reasons being it is impossible to clean wisdom teeth when they remain under the gum line. Additionally, removing it prevents many oral health problems like:

  • Jaw placement issues.
  • Misalignment of teeth.
  • Cavities.
  • Sinus problems.
  • Damage to other teeth near it.
  • Bad breath.
  • Difficulty chewing food and sometimes even opening the mouth.

It is wise to prevent all these issues for good oral health. With professional help from us at King Street Dental, we can assure you of a successful removal with comprehensive high-tech diagnostics.

How can you benefit from wisdom tooth removal?

There are numerous oral health issues you might have to face if you haven’t yet removed your wisdom teeth. You might face gum diseases and inflammation, tooth overcrowding, bite problems, etc. To be precise, the most significant benefit of removing your wisdom tooth is the prevention of all the oral health issues related to it.

Removing the wisdom tooth will help you maintain good oral health, and if the process of removal is done properly, it can improve your health and the overall quality of life.

Here are some benefits of wisdom tooth removal:

  1. Improved oral health.
  2. Reduction in headaches happening because of teeth crowding.
  3. Facial pain relief.
  4. Less bad breaths.
  5. Prevention from tooth decay or infection.

What is the process of wisdom teeth removal?

The whole process of wisdom teeth removal is quite simple. It includes two steps:

  1. Using a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. Your dentist will make sure the process is painless and successful.
  1. The second step includes the actual extraction of the tooth. In this step, a dentist makes a small cut just under your gum and then operates and removes a tiny piece of your problem-causing tooth.

If your condition is different and the tooth has emerged through the gum, there will be less need for an incision. In that case, the tooth is removed, and you might feel a little pressure around your gum, but that is normal.

The whole procedure does not cause any pain as the anaesthetic will make sure your entire affected area is numb. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes for the surgery to end, but the time might vary with the type of situation the patient has.

King street dental uses a Digital OPG machine and cat scan for digital X-rays, which enables proper comprehensive diagnostics before any surgery is carried out. Thus, whenever you get your wisdom teeth removed from King Street Dental, you can always rely on the quality of treatment and experience of the professionals.

How will you feel once the wisdom tooth is removed?

Once you get your removal surgery done, there are many oral benefits that you can visibly notice, fewer bad breaths, ease in chewing food, no damage to the nearby teeth and much more. The whole process is quite common and straightforward. It will take just a few days, and you will be able to eat normally again.

This surgery makes sure that you don’t have to spend hefty amounts on dental visits regarding wisdom teeth problems.

What is the recovery after the surgery like?

You might feel a little uncomfortable when the anaesthetic starts fading. The dissolving stitches wear off and dissolve within ten days. The dentist might apply a piece of medicated gauge to the affected area after the surgery is done. One can go back home the same day on which the surgery is done.

After your teeth removal, your dentist will ask you to keep pressure on the area by biting your jaws together. You have to keep your jaws tight and together for almost an hour. Doing this promotes blood clotting and helps in the healing process. Some general antibiotics are prescribed to prevent any infection.

What are the things you should avoid after teeth removal?

Here are some activities which you should avoid for 24 hours after your wisdom tooth removal procedure for a healthy and quick recovery. 

  • Avoid drinking hot liquids like tea, coffee or soup.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol as it might promote infection in the area.
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth with liquid as it might hamper the clotting process.
  • Doing strenuous physical activity within 24 hours of surgery is not recommended as it encourages bleeding.

If you face any issues or problems after the surgery, you should always book an appointment with your dentist and get the affected area checked. Contact us today for more information and book your appointment with us for helpful consultation.